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Phage enzymesPost Doc
Posted 4 days ago
Postdoc: The University of Copenhagen is looking for a postdoc to work on developing novel antibacterials based on phage enzymes and components as a part of the project INNOLYSIN funded by The Open Lab Foundation.
BiosensorsPost Doc
Posted 4 days ago
Postdoc: The Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne (LCB) at Aix-Marseille University in Marseille, France is hiring a postdoc to adapt biosensor technologies to build bacteriophage-based biosensors to detect Streptococcus agalactiae.
PhD projectPhage genome
Posted 4 days ago
PhD candidate: Utrecht University (NL) and Friedrich Schiller University Jena (DE) are looking for a Joint PhD candidate to study the complex evolution of bacteriophage genomes in a unique joint PhD project.
Assistant ProfessorViromics
Posted 10 days ago
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Viromics at University of Calgary, Canada to focus on viral communities in an environment (soil, water, sewage, etc.) or host (microbe, plant, animal), using DNA/RNA/protein/metabolite-based omics technologies.
Phage-host interactionsResearch Assistant
Posted 10 days ago
Research Assistant - Molecular Microbiology at Washington University in St. Louis to study the interactions of bacterial pathogens with phage.
Cystic fibrosisPhD projectPhage Therapy
Posted 10 days ago
PhD Position: Optimizing phage cocktails for treatment of drug-resistant pathogens associated with cystic fibrosis.
High-throughput screenPhage resistancePost Doc
Posted 10 days ago
Postdoc at University of Exeter to conduct high-throughput experiments on a large collection of clinical isolates of pathogenic bacterial species, to measure resistance/sensitivity across a range of phages and other mobile genetic elements, and more.
Assistant ProfessorMicrobial physiology
Posted 10 days ago
Assistant or Associate Professor of Microbial Physiology, Department of Microbiology; Ithaca, New York, to address important questions in areas such as microbial growth and metabolism, inter-species interactions, phage defense, antimicrobial resistance, and other processes that facilitate cell survival and growth in diverse environments.
Master's projectViral evolution
Posted 10 days ago
Master’s (MS) position open in the PhAGE lab at SJSU to study viral evolution in changing hosts and temperatures.
AMRAssistant ProfessorPost Doc
Posted 10 days ago
Assistant professor/post doc at University of Copenhagen to study phages targeting antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus.
Posted 10 days ago
Research Technician III to study the molecular basis of mutation and cell evolution, including phage work, at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.
Phage TherapyResearch Assistant
Posted 18 days ago
Research Assistant at the National University of Singapore to work on an EDB-IPP funded project that focuses on bacteriophage therapy.
Assistant ProfessorPhage-biofilm interactions
Posted 18 days ago
Research Assistant Professor in Infection Basic Science Research at The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The Arthritis and Arthroplasty Design Group is a basic science and clinical research group with ongoing projects investigating the high tolerance of biofilm to antibiotics, pathogen and host response, and bacteriophage therapy.
AMRMicrobial ecologyPost Doc
Posted 18 days ago
Postdoc at Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) to work with multiple research groups in the WQC and in biology focusing on antibiotic resistance and microbial ecology in water reuse. Experience in virus/phage inactivation and/or quantification is highly desirable.
Novel antibacterial targetsPhD project
Posted 18 days ago
PhD fellowship: in phage-guided discovery of novel antibacterial targets.
RNA biologyScientist
Posted 18 days ago
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate III at Dell Medical School, U Texas at Austin to contribute to research efforts, namely noncoding-RNA biology, RNA-based therapeutics for pediatric neuroblastoma and other cancers, and cancer vaccine technology, and to perform bacterial work, including relevant E. coli and bacteriophage strains.
Molecular BiologyScientist
Posted 22 days ago
Senior Molecular Biology Scientist at Adaptive Phage Therapeutics in Gaithersburg, MD

APT is looking for a Molecular Assay & Testing Analyst III to join our Quality Control Molecular team. The QC Molecular team is responsible for developing and implementing novel next generation sequencing and other molecular methods to assist in advancing bacteriophage for clinical treatment. The successful candidate will be responsible for independently developing and performing assays in a fast paced and rapidly changing environment under supervision of the Associate Director of Molecular Assays & Testing within the Quality Group. This is an on-site and laboratory based position.

Research Associate
Posted a month ago
Research Associate II at the University of South Alabama to plan and conduct experiments; perform culturing/maintenance of salmonella bacterial strains, titer/assay phage and characterize novel noncoding RNAs.
Novel antibacterial targetsPost Doc
Posted a month ago
Postdoc at University of Copenhagen in phage-guided discovery of novel antibacterial targets.
Plant-microbe interactionsPost Doc
Posted a month ago
Postdoctoral Fellow in the plant-microbial interactions Group at Berkeley Lab’s Joint Genome Institute (JGI).
PhD projectPhage-host interactions
Posted a month ago
PhD position in phage-host interaction / microbiology at Forschungszentrum Jülich.
PhD projectPhage-plasmid interactions
Posted a month ago
Doctoral Researcher at University of Jyväskylä, Finland to participate in experimental evolution of plasmid-dependent RNA phages, isolate and study new plasmid-dependent bacteriophages, decipher the ecological interactions between phages and their plasmid-harboring hosts.
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