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Oxford Silk Phage Technologies Limited (Oxford, UK) is hiring a phage technician.
Phage EcologyMicrobial CommunitiesPhD Project
PhD Position in Phage Ecology in Microbial Communities at VU Amsterdam.
PhD projectPhage defense
The Frunzke lab (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany) is seeking a PhD student to study bacterial antiviral immunity.
Gut phagesMolecular BiologyMetagenomicsPhD project
Eugen Pfeifer (Jouy-en-Josas, France) is hiring a PhD student to study phages in the human gut using molecular biology and metagenomics.
Life ScienceTechnician
Stanford University is hiring a Life Science Technician to assist in the study of phage mechanisms.
PhD projectCryoEMStructural biologyPhage-immune interactions
University of Exeter is hiring a PhD researcher to employ high-resolution cryoEM imaging to achieve atomic-level structural characterisation of Burkholderia phages and study their adaptations to evade clearance by the innate immune system in Galleria mellonella.
Lab Assistant
University of Utah is hiring a lab assistant to study phage-related mechanisms.
Phage isolationPhage therapy
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research is hiring a phage researcher to study phage mechanisms in MDR ESKAPE pathogens for wound infection countermeasure development in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Bacterial GenomicsPostdoctoral PositionResearch Paper
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France is hiring a postdoc to study the population structure and evolution of epidemic, emergent, and/or antimicrobial-resistant enteric bacterial pathogens.
Phage therapyPhD project
Lund University, Sweden, is hiring a PhD student to study the role of phage-carried antibiotic resistance genes during epidemic and endemic cholera outbreaks.
Leibniz Institute on Aging, Germany is hiring a postdoc to study phage-microbiome interactions.
MicrobiologyImmunologyResearch assistant
National University of Singapore is hiring a Research Assistant to work on a project involving microbiology work with anaerobes and phages.
PostdocResearch associatephage-host interactions
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA is hiring a project scientist, a postdoc, and a research associate for its newly funded Phage Foundry program. Read more about the vision here.
Clinical Operations CoordinatorPhage Therapy
Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Sydney, Australia is hiring a Clinical Operations Coordinator to support the development and implementation of phage therapy clinical trials.
Food ScienceMicrobiologyPostdoc
University of Lincoln, UK is hiring a postdoc in Food Science and Microbiology to study phage therapy in foodborne pathogens.
Phage EcologyMicrobial CommunitiesPhD Position
The Gralka and Mulla groups (VU Amsterdam) are seeking a PhD student to study phage ecology in microbial communities.
PostdocPhage-host interactions
The Silveira lab at the University of Miami is searching for a postdoc to investigate phage-bacteria interactions in South Florida ecosystems, like coral reefs, Sargassum blooms, and the Everglades.
Research fellowPhage biology
Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK is hiring a Research Fellow in BioSciences to study phage biology and ecology to further develop approaches to characterise viral and bacterial communities.
PostdocPhage ecology
North Carolina State University is hiring a PostDoc to contribute to several ongoing projects in the areas of microbial engineering and phage ecology.
PostdocPhage-antibiotic synergy
CIMI - Sorbonne Université is hiring a postdoc to participate in the pre-clinical development of a synergistic phage therapy/antibiotic treatment protocol against Klebsiella pneumoniae.
MicrobiologyLecturerPhage biology
University of Hertfordshire is hiring a Senior Lecturer in Microbiology to teach bacteriology, medical microbiology, antimicrobial resistance, identification of pathogens, phage biology and OneHealth.
Molecular MicrobiologyResearch TechnicianPhage defense
Washington University is hiring a Research Technician II - Molecular Microbiology to study the molecular arms race between bacteria and these viruses by discovering and characterizing new bacterial phage defense mechanisms.
Senior scientistBiotherapeutics
Ancilia Biosciences (New York City), a new company harnessing CRISPR to develop a new class of Live Biotherapeutics with engineered immunity against viruses, is hiring a Senior Scientist and a Scientist.
Posted 14 days ago
PhD position: phage and oncolytic virotherapy at Leiden University in Leiden. Contact Dr. Tingjie Guo,
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