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The Scanlan lab at the University of Warwick is hiring a research fellow to undertake laboratory based biochemistry/microbiology/molecular biology research work to assess how photosynthesis in a marine cyanobacterium can be controlled. Phage experience desired.
The University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee) is hiring a postdoc to study phages that infect a member of the Roseobacter lineage of marine bacteria.
The Deng lab at the Helmholtz Zentrum München (Munich, Germany) has an opening for a PhD student to study how phages are functionally linked to their bacterial or archaeal hosts using experimental and bioinformatics approaches.
The Institute de Biologie Structurale (Grenoble, France) is hiring a postdoc to study, by cryo-electron microscopy, the mechanisms of host recognition and inhibition of E. coli phage T5.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, California) is hiring a trainee to study soil viromics and microbiology.
Armata Pharmaceuticals (Marina del Rey, California) has several open positions to design, study and produce their next generation of phage therapeutics.
The Nugen lab at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York) has an opening for a PhD student to work on a newly funded project on genetic engineering of Salmonella phages.
The University of Iowa is hiring an Assistant Professor of Bacteriology.
The Bullough lab at the University of Sheffield, UK will soon hire a PhD student to study phage infection of C. difficile with cryoEM.
15 PhD positions are open as part of the virology and bioinformatics “ETN VIROINF” program, a Horizon 2020-funded program involving institutes in 8 countries. Several project openings are phage-related!
The Turner lab at Yale University is looking to hire a postdoc to study phage evolution or virus biodiversity.
The Niu lab at the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has an opening for a postdoc to study phage-host interactions, phage functional genomics, and viral metagenomics.
Lund University (Lund, Sweden) is hiring a researcher to be responsible for research tasks dealing with development of biocatalysts for designing effective antimicrobial strategies. Phage knowledge required.
Intralytix, Inc (Columbia, Maryland) is hiring a research scientist to participate in various research projects focused on the development of phage-based products, with a focus on human health applications.
Kelly Services France is hiring a senior quality control technologist. The candidate will be setting-up, fine-tuning, validating and executing assays for analysis, stability, and release of raw materials and biological products such as phages.
The Hill lab at APC Microbiome Ireland and University College Cork is hiring two research assistants to explore the role of phages in shaping the human gut microbiome and explore their potential as therapeutic agents.
PhagePro is looking for a Scientist I to participate in our research on our cholera phage cocktail as we prepare for clinical trials. The position is located at PhagePro’s lab space at the Tufts Launchpad in Boston, MA. Please visit our website to see the full job description. We look forward to hearing from you!
The Paterson lab at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland) is hiring a research associate to lead laboratory work investigating Staphylococcus pseudintermedius bacterial-phage interactions and bacterial disease pathogenesis.
A post-doctoral fellow position has opened in the Moineau group (Université Laval, Canada) to work on Salmonella phages, in collaboration with researchers in Kenya. See also: Youtube. The position is for at least 15 months, with an additional year very likely. If interested, please send your CV to Sylvain Moineau.
The Niu lab at the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has an opening for a graduate student to study phage-host interactions and antimicrobial synergy using animal models.
Chr. Hansen (Hørsholm, Denmark) is hiring a research technician to perform experimental work focused on natural strain improvement of industrial Bacillus strains (and other Gram positives) using different microbiology, biochemical and molecular biology methods.
The Bandyopadhyay lab at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway) has an open PhD fellowship. This project aims at designing artificial nanoparticles as an index for phage MS2, E. coli WR1 and organic micro pollutants.
The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland) is hiring a Biolab Manager to manage the School’s microbiological laboratory facility, including research projects encompassing bacteriophage, proteins, anaerobic culture of bacteria, tissue culture and several industrial collaborations.
Li Deng’s lab at Helmholtz Zentrum and Technical University of Munich is looking for a highly motivated postdoc with a strong background in synthetic biology to work on a newly founded COVID-19 project. The successful candidate will construct engineered phages against bacterial co-infection in COVID-19 patients. Please contact Dr. Deng at for more information.
A one-year Research Fellow position is available in the lab of Dr. Nicholas Waterfield in the Warwick Medical School. This will be an Innovate UK funded post, working on a project led by recent University of Warwick spin-out company NanoSyrinx Ltd. Experience with bacteriophage biology and/or other macromolecular complexes is desired.
Randstad USA (Rockville, MD) is hiring an Associate Scientist II to work on animal studies (phage work included).
A postdoctoral research position is available in the Nelson laboratory at the University of Florida. The first phase of research involves characterizing the microbiota of human diarrheal disease samples and identifying antimicrobial factors important to pathogenesis and transmission (e.g. antibiotics by LC/MS and bacteriophage).
The University of Hawaii at Manoa is hiring a postdoctoral fellow to form and lead a rational design project with the purpose of improving transposase gene delivery (includes work with phages).
The RAW (Richard Allen White) lab at UNCC (Charlotte, North Carolina) is looking for an amazing phage biologist, molecular biologist and/or synthetic biologist.
PhagePro is looking for a Scientist II to participate in our research on our cholera phage cocktail as we prepare for clinical trials. The position is located at PhagePro’s lab space at the Tufts Launchpad in Boston, MA. Please visit our website to see the full job description. We look forward to hearing from you!
Apply to work as a full-time Manufacturing Technician to work on phage production process development, including establishment and execution of protocols to manufacture EPA-registered product.
Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM) is hiring a postdoctoral appointee to study the interaction of bacteria with noble gases, to use phage-assisted continuous evolution to evolve proteins for biosensing applications, and to engineer and characterize algal strains for biofuel applications.
The Antson lab at the University of York (York, UK) is hiring a Research Associate in Structural Virology to investigate the mechanism of DNA packaging by a motor found in a large group of dsDNA viruses, which includes tailed phages and evolutionarily related herpes viruses.
The Malik lab at the University of Loughborough (Loughborough, UK) is hiring a PhD student to work on microencapsulation of biological food additives to improve animal nutrition. (The Malik lab works on phage manufacturing and formulation (read more here), making this a great opportunity for a phage-enthusiast!)
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s Joint Genome Institute Division has an opening for a computational biologist postdoctoral scholar to lead comparative analyses of multi ‘omics datasets to address questions regarding microbial and viral genomic diversity, metabolic activity of key populations in microbiomes of interest, and virus-host interactions in the environment.
The Lieberman lab at MIT (which studies human microbiome colonization, phages included) is hiring a research scientist to develop in-house genomic pipelines into widely-used community resources, conduct original research, and build systems for data tracking of high-throughput experiments.
The Antson research group at the University of York (York, GB) is hiring a postdoctoral research associate in structural virology to investigate the mechanism of DNA packaging by a motor found in a large group of dsDNA viruses, which includes tailed phages.
Randstad USA (Rockville, MD) is hiring an Associate Scientist II, for work involving phage manipulation.
Chr. Hansen (Hørsholm, Denmark) is hiring a research technician to perform experimental work focused on phage biology.
R&D Partners (San Jose, California) is hiring a research associate I with phage experience.
The Wilke Lab and the Barrick Lab at UT Austin are hiring a postdoc in the area of systems and synthetic biology of phages.
Nancy Tawil at PhageLux, a phage therapy company in Montreal, Canada, is hiring a postdoc to work on phage delivery systems.
David Pride at UC San Diego is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to investigate the role of phages as members of the human microbiome and to assist in the efforts to identify and characterize phages. The work will be in conjunction with the Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics (IPATH).
Rob Edwards is hiring three postdocs to run the new Flinders Accelerator for Microbiome Exploration (FAME): a research associate in bioinformatics, a research associate in modelling marine microbes and a FAME liaison. Message Rob on Twitter for details.
North Carolina State University is hiring a research technician for a food safety project focused on antimicrobial resistance, phage resistance and phage biocontrol.
Armata Pharmaceuticals (a clinical-stage phage therapy biotech in Marina Del Ray, California) is hiring a research associate.
Texas A&M is hiring a technician for a research project involving phage genetics.
The Alcaine Research Group at the Cornell University Dept. of Food Science is hiring a technician to study the microbial and enzymatic constituents of dairy foods. Responsibilities include bacterial cell culture, phage propagation, and more.
The Polz lab at the University of Vienna is hiring a postdoc to study phage-host interactions.
Prof. Hanne Ingmer at the University of Copenhagen has an opening for a postdoc or assistant professor to study the transfer of antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus and the role of phages in this process.
The Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (University of Birmingham) is hiring a research fellow to study how new strains of pathogens emerge and evolve using Pseudomonas syringae as a model pathogen. The project involves phage work.
June Round (University of Utah) is seeking a postdoc to study phages in commensal populations of Clostridium.
Professor Lone Brøndsted (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) has an opening in her lab for a PhD student to work on a phage-host interaction project.
Invitris is a new team out of TU Munich funded to spin off a phage therapy biotech company based on their unique synthetic phage production system. They’re looking for an additional team member at the intersection of microbiology and the clinic.
There are open positions at NCATS (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, within the NIH) for a postdoc and research scientist working on phage panning and antibody discovery. Send a direct message to Matt Hall (@cispt2) on Twitter for more info.
Ignacio Mir-Sanchis at the IMS-Lab at Umeå University in Sweden offers a PhD position to study gene expression and DNA replication of staphylococcal mobile genetic elements (including phages) using a multidisciplinary approach: genetics and molecular biology, biochemistry, cryoEM, X-ray, etc.
My client, a Northeast US-based CRO, wants to hire a Microbiologist with phage experience for their phage and other contract research programs to provide lab-bench and technical support, especially taking a lead with phage-based programs.

Primary responsibility will be titration of phage in clinical trial specimens, validation and qualification studies. Full-time position with a diverse and productive team taking on research challenges from the biotech & pharmaceutical industries.

Desired candidate will have a good, working knowledge of phage biology. BS or MS in any relevant field, but experience with phage bench techniques such as titration and storage of phages is more important than degree level. Dependent on the candidate’s abilities, the role would include writing of protocols and SOPs. Experience with molecular biology and qPCR is also desirable.

Please contact with your CV and cover letter.

Armata Pharmaceuticals, a phage therapy biotech company in Los Angeles, is hiring for several positions.
Heather Allison (University of Liverpool) and Chloe James (University of Salford) are hiring two postdocs, one at Liverpool and one at Salford, for a joint project entitled “Prophage host interactions: pulling back the curtains on Pseudomonas puppet masters”.
APC Microbiome Ireland is hiring two Research Assistants to work within its Gut Phageomics Laboratory.
FixedPhage (Glasgow, Scotland) is hiring a Technical Manager, who will be responsible for building and maintaining the company’s production facilities.
My client, a US-based CRO, wants to hire a Scientist with phage experience to assist in their phage and other contract research programs. The successful candidate will provide lab-bench and technical support to the company’s contract research programs, especially taking a lead with phage-based programs. Contact Ben Burrowes at for details.
The Bikard Lab (Institut Pasteur, Paris) is hiring a postdoc to study the properties of Cas proteins in bacteria, their interaction with DNA repair pathways, and the mechanism and evolution of CRISPR-Cas systems as phage defense systems
The Weitz group at Georgia Tech is hiring a Scientific Project Coordinator and Data Communication Specialist to help their group advance, communicate, and share discoveries of how viruses transform human health and the fate of our planet. Apply by 6/22.
The Faculty of Biology and Medicine and the Lausanne University Hospital (Lausanne, Switzerland) are hiring a senior lecturer in the field of phage therapy / bacteriophages.
A Madison, Wisconsin company is hiring a scientist (culture development) for research into lactic acid bacteria in food fermentation. An understanding of phage management is essential.
A postdoc position (funded by ERC Research) on virus-virus interactions and experimental evolution is available in the Sanjuan Lab at the University of Valencia, Spain. Contact
A PhD position on modulation of virion stability is available at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (Polish Academy of Sciences) in Warsaw, Poland.
A bioinformatician/data steward position related to metagenomics and phage-host interactions is available at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.
Odyssey Systems is hiring multiple positions for a Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) contract related to phage therapy: a senior molecular phage biologist and a microbiology research technician level II and level IV.
Vulcan Biologics (Boston, MA) is developing novel in situ microbiome modulating technologies through the use of bacteriophages. They’re hiring a senior scientist (microbiology), who will be instrumental in establishing and executing the microbiology program, and a research associate (microbiology), who will play a key role in executing the microbiology program.
Stuart MacNeill at the University of St. Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland), is hiring a postdoctoral fellow to work on a molecular microbiology project related to understanding the unusual biology of phage T5.
Armata Pharmaceuticals, a Los Angeles-based phage therapy company, has several openings in R&D, process development, DNA sequencing, genetic engineering, project management, quality assurance and quality control.
The David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery at McMaster University has three faculty positions open in the areas of antimicrobial discovery and resistance.
The Biosciences and Biotechnology Division at Lawrence Livermore National Labs is hiring a Phage Biologist to work on phage isolation and characterization for phage therapy applications.
Two postdoc positions are available at APC Microbiome Ireland in Cork, Ireland, to work on projects related to the gut phageome.
Odyssey Systems is hiring a laboratory manager to work at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. This position requires 2 years experience with phage assays and pathogenic bacteria.
The Seed Lab in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley is looking to hire a staff research associate. The candidate will use genetic and biochemical approaches to evaluate how phages evolve to modulate the excision and integration of mobile genetic elements in Vibrio cholerae.
Patrick Secor (University of Montana) is hiring a Research Assistant III interested in how phages affect Lyme disease pathogenesis.
Odyssey Systems Consulting Group is looking to hire a Senior Microbiologist/Phage Biologist to work on bacteriophages and microbial pathogens of military relevance at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. US citizenship required.
Nature Microbiology is hiring a locum associate or senior editor (for 6 months). Apply by April 7.
Karen Weynberg (University of Queensland) is hiring a PhD student for a project that aims to further the use of phage therapy by establishing an innovative synthetic biology platform to engineer phage therpay candidates within a biofoundry.
Bas Dutilh (Utrecht University) is looking for a Bioinformatician/Data Steward: use metagenomics to help answer questions related to the microbiome, such as predicting bacteriophage-host interactions.
Do you want to contribute to identifying and understanding viruses? Apply now for a PhD position in Viral Metagenomics for One Health in Bas Dutilh’s group at Utrecht University.
The DNA Core at Delaware State University (Dover, Delaware) is hiring a Research Technician to study microbiomes, phages and phage application using molecular biological techniques and bioinformatics.
Sentinel Environmental (Houston, Texas) is hiring a Research Scientist to develop novel microbiome engineering products (candidates that have experience working with phages are particularly encouraged to apply).
EMD Millipore Corporation (Bedford, Massachusetts) is hiring a Scientist III to design and execute virology testing and research projects, focused on viral (including phage) clearance and viral inactivation for biotherapeutic processing.
Two PhD student positions are open at KU Leuven in Belgium to unravel the role of protein acetylation in the interplay between phages and Pseudomonas bacteria. The project combines elements of research between the research groups of Prof. van Noort and Prof. Lavigne.
A biotechnology company in Orkney, Scotland is hiring a Laboratory Scientist to isolate phages and determine their specificity against various strains of bacteria.
Dupont (Madison, Wisconsin) is hiring a Scientist to study lactic acid bacterial strains with the objective of developing new and improved starter cultures and food ingredients (competencies in understanding and managing phage in relation to starter culture design and manufacturing is essential).
IPATH at UCSD is hiring two postdocs to work in the Pride Lab on translational projects relating to phage therapy.
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